Embracing the Memory, Blanche Marais

You were as pure as the sky
And as neat as the sea
But even if I try
To put my arms around a memory
The pictures fade away
And I’m all alone and in the dark
And you are gone forever
With the smell of your hair
Wich I thought I remember
But now it isn’t there

We met Mr. Evil
In a dingy hotel room
When you came so close to me
That I forgot to see the doom
And your eyes were so brown
And your mind so near
We never reached that point again
That’s why we had to go clear

I often asked the shadow
If you would be with me one day
After all this time
Would you still love me, anyway?
I swore myself
That I would never forget
The touch of your lips
But like a cloud in the sky
It dissolved with my finger tips
Now I can understand
Why you seemed so untouchable to me
What if I knew
It was all for the trouble you had to see

Well I came back there one day
Even if I didn’t find the way again
I sat at the edge of the bed
Like you used to do
And for a moment
I thought it was you
Sitting by the window
And you were talking
About the people on the streets
But it was just the wind blowing
And I was still waiting for you
This afternoon (a long time ago)

in Erinnerung an den unvergessenen Johnny Thunders

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4 Antworten zu Embracing the Memory, Blanche Marais

  1. Jürgen Scharschmidt schreibt:

    Aus meiner Jugend kannte ich Johnny noch von den New York Dolls und war vollkommen verblüfft über die Poesie dieses Liebes! Ich bin sehr froh, dass das an dieser Stelle gewürdigt wird. Das Gedicht trifft genau die Stimmung, aus der „You can’t put your arms around a memory“ entstanden ist. Irgendwann muss man eben weiter machen!

  2. jpfotenhauer schreibt:

    Hat dies auf Joachim Pfotenhauer rebloggt und kommentierte:
    das Gedicht es so gut zu meiner Stimmung passt!
    Johnny Thunder war für mich einer der größten Rockstars unserer Zeit und diese Ballade ist eine der schönsten überhaupt….

  3. Leo Captinsky schreibt:

    It is more romantic, peaceful, melancholic, it is intended to evoke the impression of looking back lovingly on a place…..To my liking!
    Sincerely yours
    Leo Captinsky

  4. jpfotenhauer schreibt:

    wunderschöne Worte, wie immer mit dem gerade noch auszuhaltenden Anteil an Melancholie….
    Liebe Grüße,

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